Defiant Dude

In the fall of 2011 Chick Fil A ( USA’s 2nd largest Fast Food Chicken Franchise) sent me/ a “Cease and Desist” letter. They demanded that I shut my website down, discontinue printing t-shirts and stickers, and finally send my ENTIRE inventory of Eat More Kale shirts and bumper stickers to CFA headquarters in Atlanta, GA to be destroyed. They also blocked my trademark application in Washington DC. They claim my slogan EAT MORE KALE is to confusingly similar to their slogan EAT MOR CHIKIN. They allege that I’m confusing their customer base and affecting their $4.6 Billion annual sales. I say I’m not and have decided to fight back against their demands. Let me be clear, I had not heard of Chick Fil A and was most certainly NOT imitating their slogan or trying to steal any of their thunder. (Vermont Does not have a Chick Fil A) Chick Fil A and I have co-existed for 13 years. I now have a Pro Bono team of lawyers and the support of folks worldwide. I certainly never thought I’d find myself in such David vs. Goliath situation. The trademark battle is over two years old but as Tom Petty says…”No I WON’T BACK DOWN”.

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