Wall Pics

Celebrating the Kale revolution

Celebrating the Kale revolution

More kale in Amsterdam

Eat More Kale in Amsterdam

Brandon is Blessed…with a great T-shirt.

Visiting Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro!

Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail

in the Goats Rock Wilderness, Washington

Come Más Kale hits the trail

Your shirt has been hiking through the Adirondack high peaks this summer, as well as various hikes up Camel’s Hump. The shirt always receives a lot of comments, and I have directed a number of folks to your website!

Come Más Kale hits the trail

The kale message reverberates through the Adirondacks from the shores of Avalanche Lake to the summits of Giant, Phelps, Gothics, and beyond!

Eat More Kale!

My friend Sandy shot this photo of me downtown Hamilton. The shirt gets so many wonderful compliments and I send them to your Website. Cheers, Ingy

Legalize Kale

My family has been eating kale for years, for me since the 1950s, for the rest of the Mahlers since 1850. A good German immigrant family, we ate what we called brunkale.. After the first frost you got the best kale. When our family got together we would cook a bushel of kale, and pinklewurst,…

EMK Dances


Eat More Kale in Northern Ireland.

NY Futsal “Mean Greens ”

“Mean Greens”

Mama with a Llama