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Hello Bo! I don’t remember when I first heard of your work (a trip through New England in the early 2000’s perhaps), but in any case I am a long time fan of your shirts, follower of your blog, and advocate of the ‘eat more kale’ philosophy (however one might want to interpret it). I…

Hi from the Ferris Wheel


Hey Bo, Been wearing my EMK tee proudly for a year now… husband and I found a place where we CANT wear it – the Lake Eden Arts Festival. We couldn’t get more than 5 feet without someone stopping us with a question, a story, or a recipe. Lot’s of thumbs-up and smiles, but if…

Grand Family


Hey Bo, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for months, as a quote for your site: Mann kann nie genug T-Shirts haben. (One can never have enough T-Shirts.) I’m the person who saw your fantastic shirts in the Montpelier Farmer’s Market and then came back for one too late, after the market had closed……

Dr. Ann’s Team

Ripped, right?

Shoppin’ SMART

True Grit


Two Wheels and One Fun Tee

Two Thumbs Up