Christina and Emily are culinary revolutionaries. As whole-food ambassadors armed with keen wits and tastebuds these ladies have penned this handbook for anyone out there that may be unsure of where to start when preparing this superfood. Their book is a compilation of high quality photos, recipes, tips and creative ways to use their favorite leafy green.  If Kale is a mystery to you..The Kale Effect will demystify this wonderful food for you forever.

Take a look at their work below (click on the pictures for the recipe), and if you'd like to see more or buy a copy of their book for the foodie in your family you can buy THE KALE EFFECT here.

kale-chipsKale Chips: The most delicious thing to come out of a food dehydrator! Don't believe us? Try them and you can thank us later.

There are four flavors to keep you busy and all the nutritional goodness is left in the leaves. Throw out those greasy potato chips and start stocking your pantry with something good for you to munch on.

kale-soupAsian Harvest Soup: Squash and coconut serve as a classic canvas for this delicious, Asian-inspired dish. Finely chopping the kale preserves the most nutrition and a few authentic ingredients push this soup over the top.

If you're having a hard time finding things like curry paste or lime leaves, you can try looking for an Asian/Indian grocer nearby or you can leave them out altogether and know the soup will still be delicious.

cheezy-bakeKale Bake: A delicious cheesy casserole with crusty bread chunks, sausage, noodles and veggies. Good for you comfort food.

Need a gluten-free alternative? No problem. Just use quinoa noodles and gluten free bread. Are you lactose-intolerant? We feel your pain, friend. Try using cashews and garlic to make a savory paste in place of the cheese.

kale-saladCo-op Salad: Mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs and two kinds of kale make this salad a must try.

Inspired by the leafy goodness they sell at the Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-operative in Everett, WA, the Kale Effect ladies crafted this mix to showcase a few quality ingredients with a visual flare brought to the meal by using contrasting colors of purple and Lacinto kale.

Big thanks to Christina and Emily of The Kale Effect, for the awesome recipes and pictures! You girls rock!!! 

"There are two types of people; those who eat kale and those who should." - Bo Muller-Moore