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Todd Rundgren & Eat More Kale

Bo – I think I have mentioned to you during at least a few of my purchases that I am a huge Todd Rundgren fan and that Todd has commented several times about my “Eat More Kale” shirts. I’ve given him a few of your shirts over the years and just came across this picture…

All you can do is jump!!

The first time I heard about eat more kale was a segment that Anderson Cooper was running on CNN and I remember it was titled David versus Goliath and this was when Bo was having issues with Chick-fil-A. I’ve always been a huge supporter of the little guy, small business, local agriculture etc. etc. I…

Eat More Kale at Syracuse University

I am a student at Syracuse University in New York and I show off my eatmorekale.com sticker every day at the library, during class, and on the quad! Bo, thank you for making such beautiful products. I am so thankful for what you do. Keep it up!


Kale Promposal

Bernie makes national snapchat story

Cali-born Emily Eisen borrowed your VT-made shirt to wear to rep Bernie as she watched Trump, Ted Cruz, and Sara Palin speak as part of their Anti-Iran Nuclear Deal Rally in DC this September. Your Bernie tee made the national Snapchat story, and was featured in a selfie with Palin.

Bernie on national snap story

This photo of Emily wearing Bernie at the Donald Trump, Sarah Palin And Ted Cruz’s Anti-Iran Nuclear Deal Rally in Washington DC made the national Snapchat story on September 9.


HA HA HA, those Buffalo Bills fans were confused by my “team” jersey! Hey, raspberry is pretty close to their red and white colors. At least i was not wearing the opposing teams gear!

My Moment with Bernie!

Bernie came to Minneapolis for an appearance on Sunday, May 31. The event was scheduled at the Native American Indian Center in order to accommodate a larger-than-expected crowd. While I had gotten to the venue 45 minutes early, I wasn’t sure I was going to get in because persons were already serpentined in front of…

Going green.

Going Green.

EMK en Barcelona.

EMK en Barcelona

Eat More Kale #1

Eat More Kale #1

Rockin’ the Spiral

Rockin’ the Spiral